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Dear All

"The earth now needs smarter friends" .It is important to find a way to balance environment, economy, and culture, and this Initiative is addressing that challenge head on and trying to find that balance.

There is now enough information to make decisions – we can’t just study it forever.

We have to support the process and Initiative has taken that make sense.
We appreciate your perspective on environmentally Innovative Ideals & Services.

We are Publisher and Publishing a News Letter BEST(Bulletin On Emerging Science And Technology).

The aims and objectives of the Association is... to demonstrate the conservation of biological diversity through implementation combined with the use of research techniques..

1. The main object of the ASSOCIATION is to bring awareness among the masses regarding the necessity of preservation, conservation and protection of the MOTHER EARTH. 

2 .To bring awareness among the masses to develop PEACE, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY in the world through scientific pursuit and negotiations and to condemn by all means for any sort of arms conflicts anywhere in the world.. 

3. To draw attention of the respective authorities regarding the environmental status from local to global level. 

4. To Publish newsletter, magazine, journals, books etc. and to organize seminar, symposium, conferences etc.for the dissemination of knowledge for achieving the object of the ASSOCIATION.. . 

We would appreciate your ideas , paper, articles for news coverage as a scientist point of view, ARTICLES for JOURNALS to this matter.

Er. Manisha Verma 
BE ( Electronics ) 
Publication Editor (Chief Executive Director) 
Director JPM Institute, affiliate to  Rajeev Gandhi Computer Saksharta Mission  
Director  Director at J.P.M.
HC, Human Capital Greater Noida Branch.


Worked as a R&D Engineer

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)

TCS Ldt., I. T. I Ltd

E-mail :,


Profile, Mrs. Manisha Verma, Publication Editor
 (Chief Executive)
I am Manisha Verma completed my B.Tech. in Electronics Engireering from Pune University and join as a R&D Engineer in Indian Telephone Industry, developed a system “Power Distribution Automation”.This system is designed for handling huge electrical power. There is a need to transport quantum of power efficiently with reliability to the end users. PDA is designed on integrated system concept. It includes control, monitoring and protection of the distribution system. Basically microprocessor and microcontroller based system designed in assembly language MCS-51 family through RF communication and DOS Operating System. After that worked at Cat Vision Ltd. Designed project band trap and channel trap for satellite communications equipment, RF Modem designed HDLC protocols(Half Duplex)high speed data transfer ABM mode using (GMSK) FM Technology. Then join TCS Ltd. as software engineer as contract basis where assigned a project on Bharat Electronics Limited Ghaziabad where we had to designed and developed SIMULATOR for P17 of Combat Managment System(CMS) in language C++ and Linux operatng system. P17 is the name of the ship of Indian naval force which lassed with radar, sonar, torpedoes, gun, missiles, aircraft. Basically, simulator was designed for the training, testing and evaluation. Where I have implemented Sig Alarm on event logger on Brahmos missile launcher successfully. Brahmos was the biggest missile launcher which consist 240 missile. Basically Combat Management System (CMS) worked on time share mode concept and facing the problem of signal delay due to timer priority setting and Sig Alarm is not the timer, it was the interrupt which handled the situation without delay.
After finishing my contract in TCS, I started my own software development firm and successfully designed various data base driven management system like Advocate Management System, Society Management System, Form Management System, School Management System on using platform .NET in front end and MS Access in back end on Windows Operating System. After that suddenly I got opportunity to work with founder and Vice President of NESA, Prof. TRC Sinha for technical support as well as publication editor in NATIONAL PRINTER & PUBLISHER. Actually he wanted to hand over his dream to me in order to get free to leave this world peacefully. As I promised him I started Academic And Research Publications with collaboration of JPMS Society, is a Society registered under the Societies Registration Act and its Registration No. is 1649/1986-87. I am also the director of JPM Computer Institute, a company incorporated in 2009 under Company Act 1956. It is an authorised affiliated COMPUTER EDUCATION CEI of RAJEEV GANDHI COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION (R.G.C.S.M.) assigned branch code UP- 240. Human Capital Management Private Limited is my Franchisee Partner and I am the Director at J.P.M. HC, Human Capital Greater Noida Branch. Email id is

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