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                                             GUIDELINES TO AUTHORS
Presently all  Journal  published by the National Printer & Publisher (NPP), New Delhi, are twice a year. The emphasis is to involve a large community of scientists specially JUNIOR SCIENTISTS  and scholars from India and abroad in developing a framework of discussion and debate on conservation and sustainable development. Research articles , Review articles Book reviews, Interviews, Short communication, Letters to the Editor ,Case reports and News items related to the subject are  accepted for publication. 

The PUBLISHER is aiming to publish your article as  rapidly as possible provide a   rapid publishing  platform, each and every point is vital to reduce the editorial work flow. Authors are requested to extend their maximum cooperation for speedy actions to be taken  at this  end. Hence they are requested to  check the guidelines thoroughly before submitting their article(s)and check that all the required  informations are mentioned and strictly according to the guide lines
Benefit to Authors
Following benefits shall be available to the authors, if your article is published in the journals of this PUBLISHER.
• Authors can use their published articles in any way they like for  the  dissipation of knowledge  free of charge.  However it can not be  used for any commercial use without prior permission.
• Authors can have access on all articles published by this Publisher . 
• Wide publicity and reach by getting indexed in many free indexing services. 

Manuscript(s) should be as per the guide-line given in the GUIDELINES TO AUTHORS and should be  submitted through electronic media email. The email   I/D is and one hard copy by POST on the address as given below  
The manuscript should be complete in all respect and must BE ready for press.
1. Does the title of the article describe the content and if not, does the abstract  compensate
    for the deficiency?
2. Are article title and abstract content are in agreement?
3. Have you indicated purpose, result, conclusion in a coherent fashion and in  proper sequence?
4. Does interesting but superfluous discussions cloud main issue?
5. Is direction of action, where applicable, clearly stated?
6. Have you enumerated and identified completely by all organisms, chemical,  apparatus,
     method, etc. pertinent to the outcome of the investigation?
7. Is your presentation communicate within the scientific community at large or  have
     you narrowed your audience through unnecessary use of jargon?
8. Have you included all primary information, elements necessary for indexing?

All manuscripts are to be submitted in English. It is requested that manuscripts be sent by e-mail and a hard copy along with either  a draft of Rs 500--00 or information of online  credit into the account of NATIONAL PRINTER & PUBLISHER in the BANK OF MAHARASHTRA , KALKAJI BRANCH, NEW DELHI ,IFSC No.MAHB0000974 & Current Account No.60092605309. This amount shall be adjusted against the final bill. No article should exceed more than 10 pages unless  necessary, Authors will be requested to substantiate the need if it exceeds the maximum number of pages. All manuscript should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief directly. 
The Research Article should be in the following order:

In the 1st Part:- 1)Title; 2)Name and addresses of all the all the Author(s); along  with their Email I/Ds,3) Name of the organisation where work was carried out,4)Name of the Author withn full,postal address  with whome correspondence is to be made along with his Mobi.No.,5)Date of Submission 6) No.of Tables,7) No.of Photographs 8) Numbers of Graphs 9) No.of References, 10) Name and addresses of at least Three refrees along with their Email I/Ds and Mob Nos.

In the 2nd Part ; 1)Title of The Article 2)Name and oficial addresses of all the all the Author including thewir Email I/Ds(s);3) Abstract (SHOULD NOT BE MORE THAN WORDS) ; 4)Introduction; 5)Materials and methods; 6)Results;7) Discussions (if any); 8)Acknowledgements and10)References.

Tables to be included should have a heading, giving the substance, and should be typed double-spaced on separate sheets. They should also be numbered in serial order. Figures either drawn manually or by computer should be in black ink and the lettering on them should be large enough to stand reduction. Photographs in colour should have sharp contrast. Legends for figures and plates should be typed in numerical order on separate sheets, one for figures and one for plates.

References to the literature cited should list the author’s name, year of publication, title of the paper, and the Journal titles which should be cited in full (no abbreviation) with volume, number and page number, as indicated below:

A.For articles in journals
Walsh, J.E. (2008). Climate of the Arctic Marine Environment. Ecological Applications. 18. pp. 3-22.
B. For Books:-
Ward, D.R. (2002). Water Wars: drought, floods, folly and politics of thirst: Riverhead Books. New York. p. 12.
C. Chapter in a book:-
Andrews, T.J., Clough, B.F. and Muller, G.J. (1984). Photosynthetic gas exchange properties and carbon isotope ratios of some mangroves in North Queensland. In: H.J. Teas (Ed.), Physiology and Management of Mangroves. W. Junk. The Hague. pp. 15-23.
From website:-
National Oceans and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). 1995. Regional Perspectives: sor/sor_indian.html , accessed on July 13, 2008.

While giving reference of more than two authors in the text, after, the name of the first author, et. al. should be used, followed by the year of publication. PREFERENCE SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE INDIAN AUTHORS FROM INDIAN JOURNALS. MORE WEIGHTAGE WILL BE GIVEN ON THE REFERENCES FROM OUR JOURNALS. 
Articles are to be referred before publication. Proofs are edited in-house and may be sent back to the authors for only major changes, addition or deletion.

The articles are not printed in gratis. A nominal charge@of Rs 500=00 per printed page is charged and is printed in B/W colour. For any coloured page, is separately charged. Charges for the same is quoted on request. Five Reprints and a copy of the Journal is provided to the Corresponding author and are dispatched under registered cover at the Corresponding Author‘s risk, Extra copies for the Co-authors only is charged Rs 500-00 only per copy and is dispatched along with the copy of the Corresponding Author. 

Authors are requested to keep a copy of the Mss. till it is published in the Journal.

All remittances are to be sent by a crossed bank draft in favor of NATIONAL PRINTER & PUBLISHER payable at NEW DELHI, or should be credit in the account of NATIONAL PRINTER & PUBLISHER in the BANK OF MAHARASHTRA, KALKAJI BRANCH, NEW DELHI, IFSC : MAHB 0000974  Current Account No. 60092605309 and inform the Editor-in-Chief accordingly.

For quick reply, please note change of address and contact them directly by Post or email:-
a) For publication of your article, Acceptance lettter, Invoice, sending of Cheques/Drafts, for sending Reveiw Reports , Status Report about your article , and all other quarries related to your articles of the journals , should be sent directly to the Publication Editor(J) , whose address is as follows:

18-22 (Basement),Tulsi Tower -2,
Alaknanda Community Centre 
NEW DELHI - 110019 (INDIA) 
Email : ; 
Mob. No:  09310343504 ; Ph No. : 0120- 4124773

The Research Article should be in the following order

In the 1st Part:

1) Title  2) Name of the organisation where work was carried out  3) Name of the Author withwhom correspondence is to be made along with his/her  Mob.No.  4) Date of Submission  5) No. of Tables  6) No .of Photographs  7) Numbers of Graphs  8) No. of References   9) Name and addresses of at least Three referees along with their Email I/D's and Mob Nos.

In the 2nd Part :

1) Title of The Article   2) Name and addresses of all the Author(s) along with their Email I/Dsand Mob.Nos.  3) Abstract 4) Introduction  5) Materials and methods  6) Results  7) Discussions (if any)  8)  Acknowledgements 10) References (Under References heading, Name of the Journalsshould be in bold letters)  and (11) Name of The journal.

While giving reference of more than two authors in the text, after, the name of the first author,, should be

 used, followed by the year of publication.

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