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“Why worry about minor little details like clean air, clean water, safe ports and the safety net when Jesus is going to give the world an "Extreme Makeover: Planet Edition" right after he finishes putting Satan in his place once and for all?” 

― Arianna Huffington

Let me first express my gratitude towards you for extending all your active support, as without that it would not have been possible for me to bring out the International Journal Of Applied Environmental Science And Technology Vol-3- Issue. 1 of the year 2015. 

Diversity Of Land Snails In Some Residential 

Areas Of Jabalpur (M.P.)

Reeta Solanki and Haninder Maini

 Dermatoglyphics in Down’s Syndrome 

Maini H. and Solanki R.

 El Nino Impact Of Gujarat Rainfall, India 

Ǡnil kumar and Ѷyas pandey

 Climate Change And Temperature Trends In Coastal 

Zone Of Odisha During The Period 1990-2009

Debahuti Acharya,Pradipta.K.Nanda,

Siba.P.Panda , Ranjita.P.Panda and

G.K Panda

Bird Diversity in Campus and its Surrounding Area,

Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh), India

Haninder Maini and. S.B. Shrivastava

The ecology of protozooplankton from natural aquatic habitats of Bundelkhand region

Shashi Bala, Tabrez Ahmad, Kavyanjali Shukla and A.K.Sharma

Comparison Of Academic Stress Of High, Average And Low Achieving Groups

Kartik Maiti & Surendra Kumar Mahto

Comparative Growth Analysis of Brassia oleracea Linn. Var. gongylodes Linn. (Brassicaceae) using vermicompost and chemical fertilizer.

Goutam Bhakta

Comparison Of Assimilator Learning Style Of

High, Average And Low Achieving Groups

Kartik Maiti & Surendra Kumar Mahto

Comparison Of Converger Learning Style Of High,

Average And Low Achieving Groups

Kartik Maiti & Surendra Kumar Mahto

Ecofloristic Diversity Of Gopegarh – A Place Of Historic Of

Paschim Medinipur District Of West Bengal

Goutam Bhakta

Study Angiospermic Floral Diversity In Relation To Medicinal Plants, Dye Yielding Plants

And Endangered Plants In Gopegarh Of Paschim Medinipur Of West Bengal

Goutam Bhakta

Comparison Of Accommodator Learning Style Of High, Average And Low Achieving Groups

Kartik Maiti & Surendra Kumar Mahto

A Glimpse about Gopegarh

Goutam Bhakta

The comparative computation of Net radiation and PET using slow response sensor

data over per humid climatic condition Ranchi Jharkhand

Anil Kumar, Manoj Kumar, L. D. Saraswat and N. C. Mahanti

Concept of various behavioral, psychological

and heath effect of stress

Kartik Maiti & Surendra Kumar Mahto

The mesoscale measurement of surface energy (land surface) during the summer monsoon and thunderstorm period in per humid climate condition

Anil Kumar Manoj Kumar L. D. Saraswat and N. C. Mahanti

Forest Resource and Tribal People in Colonial India:

A Criticism

Biman Koley

Growth of Modern Education and Educational Institution in Midnapore District: A Historical Survey

Biman Koley

Comparative Analysis of Vegetative Growth and Reproductive Parameters of Zinnia Panciflora L. Using Vermicompost and Chemical Fertilizer

Goutam Bhakta

1. Evaluation of SO2 Levels At Four Different Air Quality Monitoring Stations Around 1

Banarpal, Near The Industrial Township of Angul, Orissa, India

S. P. Panda and R. Panda

2. A study to assess the magnitude of the problem of Substance 7

abuse in a peripheral District town of West Bengal

Prasanta Kumar Das, Nirmalya Kumar Sinha,

Asish Mukherjee, Kartik Maiti, Kanti Bhusan Chowdhury

3. Alterations in Biochemical Constituents in The Target Tissues of L. rohita 15

from The Polluted Lakes of Bangalore

G. Sreekala, Nazima Noor and Bela Zutshi

4. CURCUMIN-A multifacet Drug: A review 23

Maheep Bhatnagar, Chhavi Sharma, Neha Jaiswal,

Pooja Suhalka, Piyu Sukhwal, Ayushi Jam

5. Environmental Characterization of North Eastern Plain Zone of Eastern U.P 33

Arvind Kumar, Padmakar Tripathi,

A.N. Mishra, S.r. Mishra and A.K. Singh

6. Seasonal Variations of Phytoplankton Population 41

in Mahanadi Estuary East Coast of India

Ranjita Panda, Chitta. R. Panda, Rabi. N. Kar and S.F. Panda

7. Study of Physico-chemical Characteristic of Hamir Pond, 45

Kishangarh, Ajmer( Rajasthan)-in Present Scenario

Dr. A.K. Pandey

8. Urbanization Causing Ecological and Socio-economical Impact 49

Meera Singh, K.R.Singh, T.R.C.Sinha

9. Effect of Sulphur and Zinc on Yield Quality and Nutrient 53

Uptake of Hybrid Rice in Sodic Soil

Veerendra Dixit, A.KS. Parihar, Arvind Kumar, Devendra Singh and T. S. Rahi

10. Resveratrol: A Potent Neuroprotectant 59

Maheep Bhatnagar, Pooja Suhalka, Piyu Sukhwal, Ayushi lain

11. FM of the Times Effect of Treatment with Supplementary Feeds on the Growth, Excretory 79

Metabolite Levels in Fingerlings ofLabeo rohita in the Ponds of Purba Midnipore District

Kartik Maiti and Piew Maity

12. Environmental Impact on Private Enterprise for Public Education: 89

A Study in Colonial Bengal

Kartik Maiti and Biman Koley

13. Effect of Sulphur and Zinc Levels on Yield, 93

Quality and Economics of Hybrid Rice in Sodic Soil

Veerendra Dixit, A.K.S. Parihar, LaI Bahadur, D. Ram and Arvind Kumar

14. Macrophytic Diversity of a Lentic Water Body of 99

Amkhera Village (M.P.) in Relation to Water Quality

Dr.Sadhana Kesherwani, Dr. K.K. Dube & Dr. Sona Dubey

15. Zooplanktonic Fauna of Narmada River at Jabalpur (M.P.) 103

Dr. Sona Dubey, Dr. K.K. Dube, Dr. S.B. Shrivastav & Dr. Sadhana Kesherwani

16. Analysis of Physico—chemical Parameters 107

of Ansupa Lake (A case study)

S. Lenka, Dr. A. C. Pradhan and Dr. S. Misbra

1. Diversity of Zooplanktons in Hot Water 111

Spring of Atri, Odisha, India

A. Dash, S.K. Palita and H.K. Patra

2. Ecology and the Distribution of Limbless-Lizard, 121

Barkudia Insularis, Annandale (Reptiua, Sauna, Scincidae

M.V. Subba Rao and B.N. Rao

3. Emergence of Oinics-approaches for Crop 129

improvement during Abiotic Stress

Prateek Tripathi*, Roel C Rabara and Paul J Rushton

4. Environmental Management System and ISO 14001: 133

Principles and International Standard for Environmental

Protection and Mitigation of pollution

S. Mishra

5. Fluoride Load in Ground and Surface Water of Selected 137

Villages of Nalco-nagar, Anugul, Odisha

Siba Prasada Panda and Ranjita Panda

6. Impact of Ecological Factors on Tasar Production 143

Akhilesh Kumar and Kumar Prashant Sinha

7. Microbial Solubilisation of Rock Phosphate by 149

Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria Isolated from Cultivated soil

Ranjita Panda and Siba Prasada Panda

8. Comparision of Successive Blackbucks Census to Monitor 155

Habitatquality at Jayamangali Blackbuck Conservation

Reserve, Mydanahalli, Tumkur Dt, Karnataka

Dr. Prasaru-ia Kumar and Bela ZutsM

9. Studies on the Induction of UV-B Absorbing 163

Compounds in Bryum Argenteum

Jaswant Singh and Rudra P. Singh

10. The Ecology of Protozooplankton from 173

Natural Aquatic Habitats of Bundelkhand Region

Shashi Baja, Tabrez Ahmad*, Kavyanjali Shukia and A.K.Sharma

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TECHNOLOGY is a bi-annual Journal published by

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To promote and encourage specially YOUNG SCIENTISTS to take active part in research and get acquainted with the latest development and research in the field of environmental science and technology.

To promote cooperation in the persuit of research in general and to exchange and contribute to the progress in the field of environmental science and technology in particular.


We invite you to submit high quality papers for review and possible publication in all areas of environmental science and technology which includes atmospheric, terrestrial, and aquatic environment, pollution control and abatement technology,conservation of natural resources, environmental health, human behaviour and toxicology. All authors must agree on the

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    3. Noise Pollution                             4. Soil Pollution

    5. Ground Pollution                           6. Ecology

    7. Limnology                                    8. Pesticides

    9. Toxicology                                   10. Environmental Management.

    11. Environmental Awareness           12. Environment & Health.

    13. Biological and Chemical Control  14. Mateorology.

    15. Agricultural Science.                  16. Marine Science.

    17. Human Behaviour.                      18. Professional Hazards.

    19. Industrial Pollution.                      20. Waste

    21. Forest and Forestry.                    22. Any other related topics.


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Editor in-Chief
Prof. T R C Sinha
Retd. Prof of Zoology, B R A Bihar University,S-233,
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Prof. M V Subba Rao
Retd Prof of Environmental Science, Andhra University,
Ƥublication Έditor
Er. Μanisha flerma B.Sc.,
Publication Editor(Ĵ)
22, Basement, Tulsi Tower, Alaknanda Community Centre
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Mrs. Reshama Srivastava, M.A.
The Chief Executive
22,Basement, Tulsi Tower,Alaknanda Community Centre
New Delhi - 110019. E-mail :
ISSN : 2278-0785
Associate Editors
Prof. V. Sobha
Retd. Prof. of Environmental Science, Kerala
Prof. Padmakar Tripathy
Dept of Meteorology, N D University of Agri.and Tech., Faizabad, U P.
Prof. R.K. Somashekar
Prof. of Environmental Science, Bengaluru University,E-mail:
Technical Editor
Prof. K K Sharma
Prof. of Zoology, M D S University, Ajmer, Rajasthan. E-mail:
Executive Editor
Prof. Maheep Bhatnagar
Prof. of Zoology, M L S University, Udaipur,,
Members of Editorial Board
Prof. John Tharakan
Department of Chemical Engineering Faculty Adviser, Engineers WithoutBorders, HU hapter Senior Fulbright Scholar Howard University 2300 6thStreet NW, LKD 1009 Washington DC 20059
alternate e-mail:
Prof. Renuka Venugopal
Retd. Prof. of Zoology, Madras University.
Prof. K R Singh
Retd. Prof. of Zoology, B R A Bihar University.E-mail:
Dr. K. K. Singh
Head, Agromet Services & Scientist-F India Meteorological DepartmentLodi Road, New Delhi - 110003
Prof. Anuradha Mishra
Dean, School of Vocational Studies & Applied Sciences, Gautam Buddha,University, Greater Noida Gautam Budh Nagar-201 308, India,
Prof. Jaswant Singh
Department of Environmental Science,R M L University, Faizabad, U P,
Prof. H K Patra
Dept of Botany, Utkal University, Odisha.
Dr. Rajesh Kumar
Associate Professor School of Engineering & Technology, Sharda,University, Knowledge park -III Greater Noida,Gautam Budh Nagar- 201306,
Dr. Bela Zutshi
Associate Professor,
Dept of Zoology, Bangalore University, Bangaluru- 560065
Dr. S P Panda
Environmentalist, Hindalco,Industries, HIRAKUD (ODHISSA),.
Dr.Sadhana Kesharwani
Astt. Prof. Zoology Govt. M.H. College of Home Science & Science Jabalpur,
Madhya Pradesh.
Assistant Editors
Dr. Alok Kumar Pandey
Environmental Scientist, Enkay Group.,
Ajmer, Rajasthan
Dr. Ranjita Panda
Dept of Environmental Science,
Sambalpur University, Sambhalpur, Odisha. E-mail:
Dr. Kartik Maity
Dept of Zoology, (P G ), Raja N L Khan Womens College, Midnapore West ,West Bengal College.
Dr. Swayamprabha Mishra
Junior Scientist (Environmetal Science) Flat#202, Sai Dutta Recidency, Plot# 201, Gandaram, Huda colony, Chandanagar, Hyderabad.
Dr. Prateek Tripathi
Department of Biology & Microbiology, SNP 252,Box 2140D,Northern Plains Biostress,Rotunda Lane, South Dakota State UniversityBrookings, SD USA 57007
Co-ordinating Editor
Dr. Arvind Kumar Srivsastava
Dept of Meteorology, N D University of
Agri. and Tech., Faizabad, U P.
JUNE 2013
Editorial Board

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