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Thermochemical production of hydrogen using catalysts as a universal fuel utilizing solar energy

Lekshmi Gangadhar, Venugopalan Pooloth, Murthy Chavali

Complex Impedance Spectroscopy Studies on PZT (52/48) Ceramics

M. Prabu, I. B. Shameem Banu, Mr. Niranjan Prakash and Murthy Chavali

Physical characterization of TEOS based sol-gels

as optical bio sensors

Mansoor Ani Najeeb and Murthy Chavali

Characterization of few layered graphene oxide prepared

through chemical exfoliation

M. Prabu , I. B. Shameem Banu

K. Ravichandran, Wu Ren-Jang and Murthy Chavali

Synthesis and Applications of Magnetic Cobalt Nanoparticles - A Critical Review

Badal Kumar Mandal and Prerna Sen

Water pollution and nanotechnology

Views from an applied research

Tabrez Ahmad, Kavyanjali Shukla and Sandeep Bajpai

Nanotechnology and Environment: A Mini Review

Sandeep Bajpai, Kavyanjali Shukla, Tabrez Ahmad and Madhu Tripathi

Optical Properties of Bulk and Doped

Zinc Sulfide Nanocrystals

Archana Srivastava

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