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Effect of Date of sowing, Varieties and Irrigation Regimes on Pod Yield of Kharif Groundnut in Middle Gujarat Agro-Climatic Condition

S. B. Yadav, H. R. Patel, P. Parmar, B.I.Karande and V. Pandey

Effect Of Nitrogen Scheduling On Growth Yield

And Quality Of Late Sown Wheat

Asheesh Kumar, Pandey, Ghanshyam Singh,

Suresh Kumar and Arvind Kumar

Fluoride Induced Biochemical Alterations In the Gills of Stinging Catfish,Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch.)

Sandeep Bajpai and Madhu Tripathi

 Effect of foliar spray of different sources of potassium on fruiting, yield and shelf-life of ber (Ziziphus mauritiana Lam.) fruits cv. ‟ Banarasi Karaka ”.

Amrish Srivastava, S.P Singh and Ajayendra Kumar

Toxic, repellent and population suppressant activities of

selected spice powders towards coleopteran beetles

infesting stored grains

Veena P. Swami, Amrita Singh, Ashok Kumar and Tabrez Ahmad

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